Our testimonials are received directly from the heart of the individual, raw and unedited, encapsulating their emotions as and when they embarked upon their journey.


Engineer – Forward 220 KM Ultra Run Finisher, Season 5

“Coaching 1-on-1 and from my experience in the RK5 made me more focus on the task and let me prioritize my day time from each minute in the 24 hours that i have. And ofcourse make you mentaly ready for anything u heading for.”




Fitness Expert – Football Coach

“Yousef and his company share absolutely the same vision. Progress is happiness. So, keep moving forward, acquiring new skills, sharing your knowledge and making better the environment around them makes all sense. If this is your aim, they are the ones that will help you to outreach your goals.”




Auditor – Athlete

“Life gives us 100 reasons to quit everyday, Forward gave me the one reason to keep persevering, to go the distance, even alone, because a challenge is a challenge regardless of who you have by your side.”




Business Consultant – Type 1 Diabetes – Forward 220 KM Ultra Run Finisher, Season 5

“I began working with Forward Sports when I decided to come back on track, I was a hospital regular visitor with unmanaged diabetics with a few diabetes complications, in 2016 I start to reverse them by controlling my diabetes and fit in shape, it took one year to fix my body and so in 2017 I decided to come back on track, and here Forward Sports come handy, Yousef AlQanai & Bader AlFailakawy put a great plan & psychology support that definitely helped to start from baby steps to marathon finisher just before the right time to do an ultra-marathon, I recommend their 1-on-1 coaching for anyone would like to start walk the right track again.”




Forward 220 KM Ultra Run Finisher, Season 5

“Forward sports management company in Kuwait is not only for the runners but also for the Corporates, business tycoons, leaders & managers who spearhead, lead and drive organizations & teams in terms of their personal development in self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation & empathy to bring change within & outward with an iron grit, perseverance and endurance to move forward to reach their strategic goals & enjoy success as truly said by the great Mahatma Gandhi – “We must become the change we want to see in the world.” Yousef Al Qanai – CEO & Founder along with Bader AlFailakawy – Managing Partner ensures that every individual & organizations who approach Forward Sports for coaching OR CSR programs not only finds value for money but a life changing experience to start anew and influence lives furthermore with an “I CAN” attitude.”


Senior Planner – Research & Development Group, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

“It was pleasure working with Forward sports for the NetWalk event. Your cooperation and coordination with KOC and SLB, from the planning stage to execution is admirable. You and your team left no spot for complain.

Many thanks to you and your team for a successful event. Your excellent organizing and management skills are recommendable and we look forward to working with you again.”




Runner – Best 10KM Record: 34 Minute and 15 seconds

“I took part in Forward races, focused on myself with a lot of hunger to win and boost my ego.

Yousef showed me a slightly different way. I was and remain impressed and humbled – from the way his company works (with respect and integrity) to himself personally – his vision does not end with himself (although he managed to achieve amazing sports results in his personal journey), but goes well beyond and helps change lives.
I will always be a supporter.”




Health and Fitness Proffessional – Iron Man Triathlon Finisher and Ultra Runner

“Forward is more than a sports management company. It is a channel that promotes social thinking and unique life experiences. Activities are designed thinking mainly on the experience generated, and not only on the financial side.”




Student – Forward 220 KM Ultra Run Finisher, Season 5

To Yousef “Yousef is kind of person who always look tough and sweet in the same time. Thank you for helping me to overcome my stress. You are one of the people who were responsible to change my life and made me a better person. Without you and Bader I was not going to finish run Kuwait 5 and overcome my stress. You have a really brilliant and intelligent mindset. So thank you Yousef (BIG BOSS) for not stopping believing in me. Even if you were harsh on me I was really thankful. Because when you scream and shout on me it was for my sake.”

To Bader “I learned from you a lot of things. You motivated me you and Yousef while I was crying in the car when we were doing runkuwait 5. Your words means a lot to me. The thing that you told me and I will never forget it.” if you want to increase your value between you should work so hard and act more and talk less like carbon, most of the metals made from carbon when you put pressure on the carbon you will get the most value thing in the world and it’s the diamond.” I was a kid who had no ideas about life and no dreams. You and Yousef made the track that I want to run on so clearly. You and Yousef are my inspiration. Thank you for treating me as one of your family.”